Monday, 12 July 2010

Jet's turn

Not sure how well this will play, but a video that Leanne kindly took for me.

I'm pleased with it in some ways, she's neat and it's fairly effective but not technically perfect (or that good!). Some more work to be done, as I feel she can push off more than she does. This is probably due to her being a bit too low on it, but she's also hitting with separate paws. I must bear in mind though, that this was when I wasn't too happy with how she was running, so maybe if she did have an underlying injury it's related? Anyway, she was a good girl at Rotherham and was back to her old self again....having rested for a good few days!

She'll be off to boxwork bootcamp soon anyway, so we'll see soon how she does ;)

P.S. It appears that blogger makes videos reeeeeeally slow. Will upload to youtube too...