Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Midland Counties

I finished my exams on Friday (woohoo!) and whilst incredibly tired, I was very happy to be driving back to Huddersfield that evening. My parents had set off to go on holiday that morning, so Leanne kindly looked after Jet for the day....after a satnav-led mystery tour, I arrived in Meltham at 9pm.

We were having a weekend off flyball and had been persuaded to do agility at Midland Counties in Chesterfield. On Saturday, I was totally out of it as I was exhausted from 4am-1am days of revision, and made daft mistakes. The first run was Primary Tunnel Teaser, she had a nice run but was very wide (me forgetting how early to call her), then she ran around a jump so needed taking back. In the end she was 1.8s off the winner (who was Dylan, so we can forgive her for not winning it hehehe), so I'm pretty confident she'd have done well in that class. Her second run was Primary Agility which I made a total hash of, but her contacts were lovely - including the aframe she ran behind me and did! I had to laugh....

Next run was Primary Helter Skelter, Leanne and I decided to have a bit of a swap, so she ran Jet and I ran Dylan. Poor Dylan was a bit confused, and although he did some very nice bits, he just had to check in with his mum a few times. Jet on the other hand was fantastic, she didn't care about me and just wanted to do the agility - she did a super run but got E'd three from the end...she was the fastest thing I saw go around anyway!

The final run was Primary Jumping - a massive course with some close work too. She set off like a bomb and did everything really nicely. I can only think we wasted fractions at a pull off the tunnel but she was fabulous and won the class....!

Sunday was full of yet more "if only" runs. In Primary jumping I slipped and fell (!) but she was fantastic, and had we not had that massive blip in the middle I think we'd have won that too as she was only 3.5s off the winner even with me floundering on the floor for a while. Our next run was Primary Agility - we were a bit messy but she won! Yey! We won't go into what happened in TFO....but she had an awesome run in Primary Circular Jumping, shame about the pole! She was 23.80s and the winner (again, Dylan!) was 24.98....clearly they just felt the need to equal out their wins!

We had a good weekend all in all, with 2 wins and I feel like she could have had a few more with little blips ironed out. So she's halfway to Novice after just one show....and one win away from her BAD Bronze....so fingers crossed for Dogs Unleashed!

Congrats to Leanne and her gang on their various wins, Jane & George on their two clears and Katie & Bonnie with two clears at their first show!

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