Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Also a bad blogger...

...But a bit more recent than Fly at least!

It's been a busy few months. We have competed at EMDAC in the British Open Championship (2Es, way to go!), then at Rotherham Flyball, then Dinnington, Scunthorpe and the British Championships. No exciting news from any of them, but Jet is running much better at flyball. She was really good at the champs and at training too.

She did loads of agility on Anglesey...she taught agility "Jet style" to the High Flyers, who I think all had a go at running her. The "OMG I actually have to run with her" look on their faces half way around the course was great. She was great for them too, you'd not know she was mine, totally focussed on whoever ran her.

My concern recently has been that Jet hasn't had the oomph in the agility ring that she does at training. I think I get nervous, and it passes onto her. We were at Dashin Dogs today, totally solo - nobody there that we go to shows with regularly....which I think was a good thing. I focussed so hard on being calm and playing loads in the queue with her (even though it took some real enthusiasm as she looked totally disinterested for some reason) but she was off and got really hyper and less worried. She did three stonking runs speed wise, just little mistakes - a wrong tunnel entrance, I cue'd her wrong in another course and the finally I pulled her off a jump....so all me. But I was very pleased!

Anyway, probably more Dashin updates soon!

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