Thursday, 2 September 2010

7 Things...

Stolen from various blogs. Firstly 7 things you may not know about me, and 7 things you may not know about my dogs.

1. I was born two weeks late, if I had been born on the "correct" date, I'd have shared a birthday with both my Mum and my Nan.
2. I am super competitive with everything that I do, in fact I hate how nasty it makes me sometimes!
3. Every day of my life at uni I ask myself am I on the right course (and occasionally I get the inspiration to say, yes, you are).
4. My next dog will be a dark faced border collie (but I've said that twice before)
5. I have 2 bedrooms at home, and they're both tidy right now (shocker).
6. I am a massive geek on the subject of conditioning.
7. I'd really love to specialise in sporting dogs or sporting dog nutrition.

My dogs:
1. Jet used to be a massive fatty as a puppy/juvenile, in fact I may have to post a photo one day.
2. Poppy is featured in the Tia Greyhound Rescue Book, talking all about her flyball/agility.
3. Chip used to be called Chester. The rescue suggested that we call him Terry because he was chocolate/orange, I personally find it hilarious and call him Terry just to wind my Mum up. Tehehe.
4. Whisky is actually Kennel Club registered as Whirlwind Whizzer.
5. When Jet started flyball at our old club, she was terrible and I stopped taking her to beginners cos she was just so bad!
6. My first ever dog was a little whippety-terrier cross called Bobby. Looking back he'd have been an awesome heightdog, lol.
7. I'd quite like to take up obedience again with Fly, she is set to have some lovely heelwork.

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