Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Catch up...

We've had a few flyball competitions since our last update, including Drax where we had a line up of Lucy, Brooke, Jet and Murphy and managed to run a fantastic 18.57s and I know we had room. The best thing was that we were consistent all day long, each race we were 18.80s and below, only slower if we actively held off. We won the div after a few close races, but our speedy black whippet brought it home for us every time.

Next competition was Bakewell last weekend, after a string of disasters we ended up with a very mixed team of Buddy, Dylan, Bailey, Jet and George. We did however win the division, but it was hard fought and definitely close racing. I think my favourite moment was Jet racing a JRT when she ran anchor. The JRT was at the jump closest to the box when Jet went through the start gate. She still beat it back, good girly.

I'm really pleased with Jet's flyball at the moment, she seems to be in top condition and running like a star bless her. We've been putting the jump in front of the box at training to get her position on the box better and it seems to be working:

Agility wise I'm at a bit of a loose end really. Jet is an absolute star at training, very fast, keen and responsive. I know that she is capable of running at the higher grades and I know she can win out of grade 3, I watch dogs in grade 4/5/6 and think, heck, Jet is faster than this and I know she can do the turns. When I get to competitions, I get so het up about needing to win out and worrying about whether she'll be quick enough, that it all falls to pieces. Jet is a sensitive soul on the sly, and she starts lip smacking/yawning on the line and doesn't want to play with her toy etc. I know it's 100% me, and even when I sit there and focus on just chilling doesn't work....I get in the queue and see a fast dog go and I'm like "oh no, we'll never win this now" and it all goes down hill from there. I know that I need to stop being like this, but somehow I just can''s so frustrating, and being frustrated makes me even worse!

Therefore, I have come to the decision to have a break from agility until Christmas at the earliest...enjoy training Fly on the weekends and flyball with Jet. Leanne has offered to take Jet to a few agility shows, and I know she enjoys running for her so she's booked in for a few over winter without me. Hopefully next year I'll be a bit more chilled, probably with Fly to worry about at this stage lol.

Just flyball training this weekend, and then back to uni!

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